Complete Niche Blog Content Plan

Complete Content Plan For Your Blog

I am Valik. I've been blogging for decades. While working on my own blogs, I figured out I can help other bloggers create a complete blog content plan that can be used to focus on the most important thing, which is create content. Spending time trying to figure out what topics to write content on and building content maps and related topics clusters takes too much time. This is why I want to eliminate this step from your tasks.

I am offering a complete niche blog content plan consisting of 100, 200 or 300 subtopics (not written content) that you can use to follow and create content to make sure to cover all the important topics within a niche.

You can use the provided Blog titles as is or use them to do Search Analysis and find the best terms for that specific subtopic.

Improve EAT

A website that has deep topical coverage of a topic is considered more authoritative than those that have shallow coverage, which helps you with ranking in Google. IMPORTANT: I am not promising that your blog will rank better if you get this content plan from me. Just saying that covering a topic from all sides is a great way to gain topical authority.

What You Get

You will get a table containing 3 columns, Topic, Subtopic, and Title. These subtopics will be listed in semantically related clusters that can be interlinked.

The table will contain the main top-level topics, or "categories", within the niche that you provided, and within those topics you will have 8 to 15 subtopics each. The number of subtopics will be random. The total subtopics will equal the number of subtopics that you order.

IMPORTANT: you will not be getting written posts, these are topics that you can write content on.


Here is an example of a cluster on the topic of "Four Wheeler Safety". It has the main topic "Four Wheeler Safety" in the 1st column, then you have 12 related subtopics in the second column and post titles in the third column. The post titles can be used as is or can be used to do search analysis on the subtopic to find a better keyword for this post.


100 Subtopics = $195
200 Subtopics = $295
300 Subtopics = $349

Delivered within 3 business days after payment received and email with order details received.

How To Order

  1. Email to with the subject "Content Plan Order"
  2. Email me how many subtopics you ordered, your name and your niche. You can also include a direction you would like me to go if you like.
  3. Make a payment using the button below
  4. I will respond to your email to confirm that your order has been received.
  5. You will receive your Content Plan within 3 days after the payment has been received.

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Your Credit Card will show a charge from Timber Web Design. No refunds. By placing an order you (the buyer) understand and agree that I do not provide refunds and that all sales are final. Please email me your questions before you make an order to clarify any questions you may have.

Again, I am not selling written content here. I am selling an organized list of topics that can be used to plan out the content of a blog around a niche.

Privacy Policy

Your information will not be used for any other reason than to provide the services that you have purchased and possibly to let you know if I provide other related service in the future. Your information will not be sold or shared with anyone else.


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